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4 Nonprofit Strategies to Engage Gen Z Donors Ep116 [Video]

4 Nonprofit Strategies to Engage Gen Z Donors Ep116 #nonprofitmarketing #fundraisingideas

What Are the Best Multi-Channel Approaches to Engage Gen Z Donors?

Explore strategies for engaging Gen Z donors with Elizabeth Bradley, CEO of ForumOne. Join us as Elizabeth shares her insights on digital communications and nonprofit strategy. In this episode, we uncover why engaging Gen Z donors is vital for nonprofits and how to effectively tailor your messaging to resonate with different generations.

Armed with these data-driven strategies you will:
✅Understand the Data: Utilize existing channels and public data to gain insights into donor behaviors.
✅Develop a Multi-Channel Approach: Cater to different generations with varied communication methods. #touchpoint
✅Foster Authentic Connections: Build genuine relationships through social impact stories and localized actions aligned to your target audience.
✅Embrace Experimentation and Agility: Stay responsive to changing trends and preferences.

Dig deeper into Gen Z and their preferences here:
Gen Z Donors: How to Reach the Next Generation of Philanthropists

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Key Chapters:

00:00 Donor Demographics for Nonprofits
03:18 Where to find data for nonprofits
09:46 Reaching the Younger Generation #fundraisingstrategy
10:46 Examples of successful approaches to engage Gen Z donors
13:27 Communication & Social Media for Gen Z or Young Donors
15:01 Trends in nonprofit marketing and donor engagement
19:23 How to tailor communication for specific generations
20:38 Where to Learn More & Wrap-Up

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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

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