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7 SIMPLE Last Minute Fundraising Tips You Can Implement Right NOW! [Video]

7 SIMPLE Last Minute Fundraising Tips You Can Implement Right NOW!

Giving Tuesday 2022 is right around the corner. If you’re in a pinch, we have 7 last-minute fundraising ideas that you can take action on right now, to maximize your year end donations!

0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Fundraising Tip #1 | Texting your donors
Example text (to be used as template to send your donors): 2022 is going to be a monumental year for [ORGANIZATION NAME] but we need your help to get there. We’re raising [$GOAL] for [CAUSE]. Will you join us? [LINK TO CAMPAIGN PAGE WITH GIVING OPTIONS]
1:44 – Fundraising Tip #2 | Capturing Urgency
2:42 – Fundraising Tip #3 | Video Promotion + How to Make A Video Promo in under 1 hour:
3:41 – Fundraising Tip #4 | Thanking Your Donors
Example text (to be used as template to send your donors): [DONOR NAME] we’re grateful for you. The sacrifices you’ve made to financially support the work we do have resulted in [IMPACT STATEMENT]. THANK YOU!
4:17 – Fundraising Tip #5 | Annual Giving Statements
example message (to be used as a template to send to your donors): Hello [DONOR NAME]. Thanks for your gifts to [ORGANIZATION NAME] so far this year! Here’s a preview of your 2022 Annual Giving Statement. Please review and request any updates before January 30, 2023.” Don’t forget to have a donate button on the email!
5:12 – Fundraising Tip #6 | Utilize Matching Programs
5:53 – Fundraising Tip #7 | Donor Audit + Phone Calls

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Fundraising for Non-profits

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