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A road project in Peach Co. is awarded millions in state funds [Video]

The Lily Creek Road project started in 2016 and is now fully funded thanks to some help from the state.

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — More than $6 million is paving the way for road improvements in Peach County.

April Hodges is the county administrator and clerk. She said they needed the help to get this project moving.

“The amount that was allocated for the project was not enough once we started the engineering phase so it’s kind of put on hold because it’s like got to find funding for it,” Hodges said.

The Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank is sending $6.6 million toward paving Lily Creek. The county will receive the money as a $5.6 million loan and a $1 million grant.

The governor’s office said this is the largest funding in GTIB’s history.

She said Lily Creek Road needs an upgrade because it can be a shortcut to Peach County High School and a connector …

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