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AG publishes resources for asylum seekers amid lawsuit [Video]

According to Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey, a Portland-based pastor used his position to take money from asylees while illegally offering legal services.

PORTLAND, Maine — In December, Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey sued a Maine man for allegedly using his status as a religious leader to scam asylum seekers.

Frey has since met with asylee groups and nonprofits, and published resources on the state’s website in an effort to better serve the vulnerable population before scammers get to them.

In a 13-page complaint filed in Kennebec County Superior Court, Frey alleged Shonda Okonda broke Maine’s Immigration and Nationality Assistance Act, and its Unfair Trade Practices Act. By law, only an attorney or accredited representative can provide legal help with immigration.

The complaint alleged Okonda started the Christian Association for Peace, Leadership, and Development in 2020 on Congress Street in Portland. Around that same time, Frey alleged, Okonda founded and presided over …

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