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Aging veterans needing help have a Heros Bridge [Video]

After fielding more than 300 phone calls in 48 hours after its services were featured in a far-reaching veteran’s blog, the nonprofit Hero’s Bridge quickly created a national call center to meet the needs of America’s aging veterans.

Founded in the image of its Battle Buddy program, which pairs elderly veterans with a younger veteran or military family member for virtual in-home services, the Battle Buddy Call Center has served 400 veterans since it opened on June 1, 2023.

“No matter where they’re living, our senior heroes deserve to live in dignity,” said Hero’s Bridge Founder and CEO Molly Brooks. “The mission of the Battle Buddy Call Center is to ensure that not one of our older veterans is forced to live in social isolation, in substandard housing, or experience food insecurity.”

The Battle Buddy Call Center blends virtual contacts and technologies to allow older veterans to receive assistance tailored …

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