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AI and ChatGPT for Nonprofit Fundraising | Webinar Replay [Video]

AI and ChatGPT for Nonprofit Fundraising | Webinar Replay

How can you use AI and ChatGPT for nonprofit fundraising? Check out my webinar replay! #nonprofitfundraising #fundraising #chatgpt

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You CAN get paid for Nonprofit work, but there’s a catch

Nonprofit Fundraising: How do Giving Circles work?

Starting a Nonprofit: How to Create a Budget (For Beginners)


00:00 Welcome!
04:24 Recap of Webinar Topics
07:05 How can AI be used for Fundraising?
11:16 Poll: Have you used AI in fundraising yet?
14:30 What AI tools are out there? What is a Prompt?
19:00 How do you write a Prompt?
27:03 Practice prompt-writing: AI Lab
34:55 More AI Pitfalls to avoid


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Resources for Nonprofit Directors

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