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Alamo asking for donations for pop culture memorabilia [Video]

Donors will be recognized on the Alamo’s website, and could also benefit from tax deductibles.

SAN ANTONIO — Calling all collectors! The Alamo is seeking donations of your cherished memorabilia to be featured in the Pop Culture gallery portion of its still-under-construction Alamo’s Visitor Center and Museum, set to open in 2027.

The goal, according to their website, is to “create a diverse and comprehensive collection that showcases the Alamo’s significant impact on popular culture since 1945.” That influence has been felt across movies, music and even literature. 

What items are the Alamo Trust looking for? Movie posters, props, toys, books, comics, games, lunch boxes and other objects depicting the historical site are of particular interest, the website says. 

All donors will be recognized on the Alamo’s website, in addition to possible recognition in the forthcoming Alamo museum. Donors may also benefit from tax deductibles.

Interested donors can visit the Alamo’s website here.

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