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An Innovative Approach to Influencer Marketing w/ the American Lung Association [Video]

Leveraging influential content creators, celebrities, and internet personalities can SIGNIFICANTLY boost awareness and fundraising for your organization. So how did the American Lung Association do it back in 2021? You’re about to find out. Nick Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Collidescope, and Maxine Tatlonghari, Development Director for the American Lung Association, are here to reveal the secrets behind their Champions Unite event, which evolved from a traditional gala into an online talent show. In today’s case study, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of creating successful virtual events and the critical role of data measurement in tracking influencer impact, even if you’re starting with an “ugly” spreadsheet! Maxine and Nick share the importance of unique tracking links and aligning content around influencers' busy schedules. They also discuss how their collaborative efforts helped educate and involve the board in this new digital approach, and how they selected influencers who were …

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