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Are these Really Nonprofits??? PGA, OpenAI, NCAA [Video]

Are these Really Nonprofits??? PGA, OpenAI, NCAA

Nonprofit Giants: Are They Staying True to Their Mission?

Join George Weiner and Nick Azulay from Whole Whale as they dive into the evolving landscape of nonprofit organizations. This episode scrutinizes the status of large nonprofits like the NCAA, PGA Tour, and OpenAI. Are they still serving the public good or straying from their charitable missions? Also, hear about the AI Poverty Challenge by the Robin Hood Foundation and the unfortunate closure of the National Foundation for Transplants. Plus, on a lighter note, Discover a heartwarming garden project in Denver food deserts and enjoy a nonprofit-themed dad joke!

00:00 Introduction and Team Updates
00:35 Debate on Nonprofit Status of Major Organizations
01:15 NCAA Settlement and Its Implications
02:10 PGA Tour and Saudi Investment Fund Merger
06:46 OpenAI’s Nonprofit Status Controversy
09:19 Universal Analytics Data Deletion Warning
10:32 Robin Hood AI Poverty Challenge
12:50 Closure of the National Foundation for Transplants
15:09 Feel-Good Story: Denver’s Vegetable Gardens
16:54 Conclusion and Dad Jokes

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