How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

Are you KIDDING ME Adobe?? TOS AI Training [Video]

Are you KIDDING ME Adobe?? TOS AI Training

Unpacking Adobe’s Controversial 2024 Terms of Service

In this episode, we delve into the new Adobe Terms of Service that will take effect in June 2024. We explore the implications for users who click the consent box, particularly focusing on how Adobe plans to use your creative files to train their internal Large Language Models (LLMs). Learn how this could potentially affect your brand and the importance of voicing your concerns. If you’re looking for AI tools aligned with social impact, discover for ethical AI solutions designed to benefit you.

00:00 Introduction to Adobe’s New Terms of Service
00:17 Implications of Training Large Language Models
00:40 Impact on Your Brand and Creative Elements
01:39 Concerns and Call to Action
02:02 Alternative Solutions for Ethical AI
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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

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