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Austin Humane Society rescues animals in path of Beryl [Video]

Nearly 100 cats and dogs were rescued because of the storm, which made landfall Monday along the Texas coast.

AUSTIN, Texas — As Beryl continues to impact the Texas coast, it’s not just people who need to take cover, but animals too. 

On July 6, the Austin Humane Society (AHS) activated its Emergency Pet Shelter in preparation for the storm system, which officially made landfall in Texas Monday morning, not far from Houston. 

On Saturday, the shelter said it was able to rescue 96 dogs and cats who were in the path of Beryl.

“We are committed to getting adoptable animals to safety, out of the danger of the storm by housing them at our shelter and finding them forever homes as they shelter from the storm,” a Facebook post from the shelter said.

For those who cannot take in a new pet at this time, there are still other ways to help. 

The shelter is accepting donations of items and/or financial aid. AHS’ online wish list is …

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