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Avoiding charity scams | 2WTK [Video]

2 Wants To Know looks at ways you can spot charity scams before making a donation.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You open your wallet to make a donation to charity, but how can you be sure that your money is actually going to help?

WFMY News 2 spoke with Kevin Scally with Charity Navigator to talk about ways to spot charity scams. These are his suggestions:  

Avoiding Charity Scams

  • We recommend individuals ask themselves the following questions before making donations to any charity:
    • Research the charity: Before making any donations, research the charity thoroughly. Look for information about their mission, programs, financial transparency, and past projects. Use Charity Navigator’s ratings to guide you to effective, efficient, trustworthy organizations.
    • Check for registration: Legitimate charities are typically registered with government authorities or relevant regulatory bodies. Charity Navigator lists all 1 million+ US-registered nonprofits and issues alerts for fake charities.
    • Donate through a trusted source: Donate directly through the charity’s official website or via …

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