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Biology graduate: Youre sending a ‘powerful message by funding a scholarship [Video]


Scholarships have special meaning, beyond the obvious, for Whitney Athoe.

“It’s almost like receiving an award, and the award also comes with helping you to pay for school, so it’s really great,” says Whitney, recipient of three scholarships (Robert Rie Scholarship, Woods and Earl Memorial Scholarship and Biology Department Scholarship) that helped her earn a Medical Technology degree in 2017.

But Whitney offers another dimension to scholarships – and the donors who make them possible – that’s not so apparent.

“These people are choosing you to win their awards, and choosing to have you represent their name. They’re contributing money to help you, so they believe in you and think that you’re going to do well,” Whitney explains. “It’s powerful.”

By funding a scholarship, Whitney says, you’re making a statement.

“If you’re really passionate about medical technology, and you give money for a medical technology scholarship, you’re giving into not …

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