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By air & sea: WCK reaching islands devastated by Hurricane Beryl [Video]

By air & sea: WCK reaching islands devastated by Hurricane Beryl

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WCK’s Relief Team has mobilized across the Caribbean where Hurricane Beryl left a path of destruction. Beryl was the earliest Category 5 hurricane ever seen during hurricane season, and it hit islands in the southern Caribbean where such violent storms are uncommon. As the storm approached, WCK teams prepositioned in Miami to quickly reach impacted islands.

Over the past week, we have provided thousands of sandwiches, hundreds of cases of water, and as much fresh fruit as we can find to the hardest hit communities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, and Jamaica. Our teams have been traveling most efficiently by helicopter, but a few choppy, rolling boat rides have helped us get aid to islands too.

We are working shoulder to shoulder with community leaders who have already begun distributing aid and helping their neighbors, and WCK is offering our support to help them grow their capabilities. Despite the devastation, there are still smiles on many faces as people count themselves lucky to still be able to help one another.
Founded in 2010 by Chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a nonprofit organization that is first to the frontlines providing fresh meals in response to crises, while working to build resilient food systems with locally led solutions. Applying our model of quick action, leveraging local resources, and adapting in real time, WCK has served hundreds of millions nourishing meals around the world.
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