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Cleric, Others Advocate Investment In Agric Development [Video]

The spiritual leader of Adoration Ministry Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has appealed to Nigerian leaders, influential citizens to devote more resources and  investment in Agriculture development, as solution to achieving food sufficiency for the people.

The clergyman made the call while announcing donation of 2000 hectares of land for participatory Agric project.

Nigeria food sufficiency statistic move from 21 percent in 2023 to 42.53 percent in the end of second quarter of 2024.

A concern that draws government to declare state of emergency for food security, making sub-nationals devoting substantial resources to agriculture development.

Despite the abundant arable land and natural soil for agricultural development, most  Nigerians youths are yet to get attracted to Agric project, for sustenance living.

At this news conference meant to introduce participatory farming activities, the clergyman represented, encouraged the people to embrace farming as a more viable way of life.

He challenged leaders to provide …

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When The Rich Stop Giving The Charity [Video]

When the rich are stopped giving the charity, the poor become criminals, and that is the reason rich people who are forcing the poor people to become criminals, and they are going to get punishment.DOWNLOAD TAGALOG QURAN: World TV (Main): World TV English: World TV Urdu: : Twitter: