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Columbia University ousts 3 deans over texts with anti-Semitic tropes | Israel-Palestine conflict News [Video]

Columbia University has placed three of its deans on indefinite leave after it says they exchanged text messages that downplayed Jewish students’ concerns about discrimination and echoed “anti-Semitic tropes”.

The deans’ messages were sent during a May panel discussion on Jewish life on the campus in New York City.

Among them were a message suggesting that a panelist could have used recent campus protests as a fundraising opportunity and another that appeared critical of a campus rabbi’s essay about anti-Semitism.

The panel about anti-Semitism was held a month after university leaders called in police to clear pro-Palestinian protesters out of an occupied administration building and dismantle a tent encampment that had threatened to disrupt graduation ceremonies.

Columbia University President Minouche Shafik wrote a campus-wide email condemning the messages, which were unveiled by a committee of the United States Congress investigating claims of anti-Semitism at the university.

“This incident revealed behaviour …

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