How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

Community Fundraising Powerhouse? Grassroots Fundraising for Nonprofits | Ep 120 [Video]

Community Fundraising Powerhouse? Grassroots Fundraising for Nonprofits | Ep 120 #nonprofitfunding

Jena and Britt dig deep into the dynamic world of community-driven nonprofit fundraising. Join us to learn how to leverage social media, engage different generations, and harness grassroots tactics to create stronger connections and drive meaningful support for your cause.

Discover actionable strategies and tips to empower your community and adapt to the evolving landscape of philanthropy. Learn how to:

✅Assess and optimize your tech.
✅Empower community champions through personalized engagement.
✅Equip your team with skills for direct donor engagement.
✅Establish a community fundraising committee.
✅Create a community fundraising toolkit.

To add to your community engagement toolbox, head back to Episode 103| From Theory to Action: Mastering Experiential Fundraising:

Plus, our Nonprofit Blog post “Nonprofit Community Engagement Essentials: How to Drive Change Through Collaboration” has three community engagement strategies to boost involvement and donations:

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Key Chapters:
00:00 The Shift in Fundraising
01:39 The Power of Community Fundraising
02:01 Grassroots Movement in Action
03:07 Growth of Grassroots Campaigns
03:34 Bypassing Barriers with Community Support
04:16 Balancing Traditional and Modern Approaches
04:44 Choosing the Right Fundraising Platform
05:32 The Importance of Donor Tracking
05:59 Engaging Younger Generations
06:14 Meeting Supporters Where They Are
06:40 User-Friendly Donation Systems
07:15 Empowering Community Champions
08:43 The Power of Direct Ask
09:07 Building a Community Fundraising Committee
10:11 Creating a Community Fundraising Toolkit
10:50 Providing Customizable Fundraising Materials
12:01 Making Fundraising Accessible
12:35 Wrap-Up

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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

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