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Crypto #15 Earn High Interest Rates on Crypto – Phil Blows [Video]

Crypto #15 Earn High Interest Rates on Crypto – Phil Blows

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About my Guest:

Phil Blows is Founder and CEO of AQRU Plc, a business that specialises in helping institutional and retail customers earn high interest rates on their cryptocurrency.

Phil has more than 15 years of leadership experience in the Fintech and asset management sectors having spearheaded the scaling-up of online trading platforms at several leading companies.As an expert in financial planning and wealth management, Phil spent 4 years, during his time at UK robo-adviser, Wealth Wizards, speaking with over 10,000 retail investors about how they manage their money and then designed a simple online tool to help give advice and guidance to help everyday people improve their financial health.

Phil also work as a senior foreign exchange adviser at Continental Capital Markets S.A where he built a global client base of investment banks and advised on derivative investment strategies.Phil also created the Asset Management arm of global foreign exchange business, Moneycorp, helping retail customers create investment strategies in the stock and derivative markets.

Phil graduated from the University of Leeds and went on to gain an MBA from the University of Geneva. He holds several internationally recognised financial certifications and qualifications, including an Investment Management Certificate from the CFA Institute and has been certified a Blockchain Expert by the Blockchain CouncilPhil is passionate about improving the financial health of all those he meets and is the author of a personal finance book, The Money Triangle, proceeds of which support various financial education charities.

What we Discussed:

– Going from 0 to 10,000 Customers in 4 Months

– Blockchain Technology Vs Bank Transfers

– How his company is structured

– Insurance form your Investment

– Having a Positive Impact

– The Team Involved

– His Book & the Charity the Profits go to.

and more

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Resources for Nonprofit Directors

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Resources for Nonprofit Directors

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Resources for Nonprofit Directors

How Can Nonprofits Exemplify Strong Leadership And Make an Impact? with Tim Ditloff [Video]

How Can Nonprofits Exemplify Strong Leadership And Make an Impact?In this episode I’m talking with Tim Ditloff, an avid sailor, about what leadership looks like. After hearing his story, his passion for building strong teams, and his unique take on leadership, I knew my new friend was a great person for you to meet too. With a lot of in depth and fun analogies, he relates sailing to strong leadership. I recommend following him on LinkedIn for a lot of thoughtful, inspirational posts on life, leadership, and sailing!***************** Things to Remember As a Leader ***************** Tim has a lot of thoughtful wisdom to share with us:⭐ Your path might not always be straight. Adjust to the zigs and zags.⭐ Celebrate small victories. Rome wasn’t built in a day.⭐ Each person's seemingly ‘small’ task is very important in the ultimate journey.***************** How Can Nonprofits Live Out Strong Leadership? ***************** Tim has worked with his share of nonprofits over the years. He recommends that we focus on these things:1️⃣ Remember why you exist2️⃣ Remember what you are good at/your strengths3️⃣ Think about if you are making progress4️⃣ Map out your course, set up milestones, and celebrate along the way5️⃣ Make sure your team is on the same page***************** Lessons From Sailing on Leadership ***************** Tim relates each of the following leadership characteristics to sailing and teaches us how to think about them from a new perspective. Listen in to get all of the thoughtful analogies he gives us on these powerful points:⭐ Steward leadership: Take care of each other. You’re not on the boat alone.⭐ You can’t take care of others without taking care of yourself too.⭐ Take the time to step back and observe how things are going in regards to the above two things to make the most impact.⭐ Clear communication. Communication is vital for life or death on the sea; communication can be the line between success and failure in a nonprofit. ***************** Challenge Question ***************** What sailing lesson from this episode can you compare to your nonprofit journey?***************** RESOURCES *****************For show notes and resources: more articles and topics: Quiz: Do you have what it takes to be a grant writer? Audit: How grant-ready is your nonprofit? you’re ready to step up your nonprofit game, join me on the Fast Track to Grant Writer. The world needs you.***************** FOLLOW *****************Facebook: us in the LinkedIn Community {Grant Writing Simplified with Teresa Huff}: