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Emily Teixeira/Politisit: Givebutter Mini-Series (Episode 1) [Video]

Emily Teixeira/Politisit: Givebutter Mini-Series (Episode 1)

You have a monthly giving program… now what? Today’s episode will help you transform everyday community engagement into a powerhouse of support for your cause.

Emily Teixeria, Executive Director of Politisit, is bringing a wealth of experience, from intelligence to grassroots politics, to our discussion on how her Childcare for Voters program is revolutionizing the way parents can participate in civic duties.

Her journey is not just inspiring—it’s a blueprint for nonprofits looking to connect deeply with their audience and drive impactful change.

We’ll explore the innovative strategies that have enabled Emily to launch a ‘recurring first’ fundraising approach, augmented by the Givebutter platform.

We also lay out creative methods to grow and retain your support base, from social media to friendship bracelets that keep the conversation—and contributions—flowing.

➡️ Listen to the episode here:

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