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Empowering K12 Wellness: Strategies to Combat Educator Burnout with Alexis Overstreet, LCSW [Video]

Empowering K12 Wellness: Strategies to Combat Educator Burnout with Alexis Overstreet, LCSW

Educator burnout is reaching critical levels across K12 settings, underscoring the urgent need for effective health and wellness strategies. Join us as we speak with Alexis Overstreet, LCSW, a dedicated psychotherapist who empowers educators and schools to tackle these challenges head-on.
• Unpack the Effects: Dive into the common physical and emotional side effects of stress, overwhelm, and trauma in educational environments.
• Practical Solutions: Discover three actionable strategies to mitigate these effects, complete with a step-by-step guide to integrate these methods into your daily routine seamlessly.
• Impact Others: Learn how to apply these insights and strategies within your school or organization, fostering a healthier, more supportive educational environment.

Alexis Overstreet, LCSW
CEO, Founder, Therapist, Wellness Coach
Metaspace Wellness, North Carolina


Facebook: @alexis.overstreet
Instagram: @hey.alexis.o

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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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Better fundraisers mean more profit and income for your PTO and PTA. Fundraising Chairs can use these strategies to choose a better money raising campaign to meet and exceed goals!Free training for all PTO / PTA volunteers: Resources for PTO / PTA Volunteers and Leaders:For all PTO PTAs: Presidents: and Treasurers: and Fundraising Chairs: Membership / Parent Involvement Chairs: Room Parents: Secretaries: flyers, Staff and Teacher Appreciation: sure to subscribe for more awesomeness! my FREE Super Star Leaders Facebook group for all PTA/PTO volunteers at me!https://ptoanswers.com