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Ethan Anderson is giving back to the NIL [Video]

The UVA star and former Cox Falcon donated his Name, Image and Likeness earnings to a cause close to his heart

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Ethan Anderson remembers the car ride well. 

“I had a sit down conversation with my Dad about what I want to do with it, and what the future of NIL is going to look like. I remember having that conversation in the car when we were visiting my sister at JMU,” revealed Anderson. As an All-ACC baseball player at the University of Virginia, Anderson knew NIL opportunities would be there in the future. 

Somewhere along that car ride to visit his sister, consulting with his Dad, Anderson decided what to do with his future college earnings.

“I made that decision that I wanted to donate to the Navy Seal Foundation,” Anderson said.

The Navy Seal Foundation supports the Seal community, whether it’s veterans, active duty, …

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