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First Steps to Planning Anything at a Nonprofit [Video]

First Steps to Planning Anything at a Nonprofit

Strategic planning and the importance of internal assessments in nonprofit organizational strategy. You’ll learn how a balanced approach to assessing both community needs, and internal capabilities can lead to more effective and actionable strategies, with Miriam Dicks, CEO of 180 Management Group, as she discusses key aspects of strategic planning, emphasizing the need for introspection in organizational nonprofit management to better assure your nonprofit’s resources align with your strategic goals.

Miriam begins by pointing out the critical role of internal assessments in strategic planning. Her approach advocates for a dual focus—not only on the external community needs but significantly on internal capabilities. “We need to know what’s in our house because at the end of the day, you can develop a strategy that you can’t even pull off because you don’t have the resources,” Miriam remarks, amplifying on the value of a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s current assets and needs before setting strategic goals.

Continuing, Miriam discusses the value of embedding these assessments into the very fabric of an organization’s operational strategies. She points out that many strategic plans fail because they overlook the internal component of strategy formulation. “It’s usually external… We’re wanting to know what everyone else needs, but we’re not looking at ourselves,” she notes. This insight calls for a balanced assessment that ensures an organization’s strategy is both relevant to community needs and grounded in realistic internal capabilities.

A significant part of the discussion, cohosted by Wendy Adams and Julia Patrick, revolves around the practical steps of implementing such strategic insights. Miriam pushes for starting with small, manageable assessments, like employee engagement surveys, to gradually build a comprehensive strategy that is attuned to the real dynamics within an organization, which not only aligns with the nonprofit’s organizational goals but also enhances employee satisfaction and effectiveness.

You’ll enjoy this fun and learned conversation on the often-overlooked internal aspects of strategy development, as it makes a compelling case for a more introspective approach to organizational management and planning.

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From Military To Civilian Life (VETLIFE nonprofit) [Video]

An inspiring conversation with Joshua and Cortnie Parish, the passionate founders of VET Life, to discuss the journey from military to civilian life. Their personal story and their nonprofit’s story are a testament to the power of family, community, and unwavering support in the transition process. Joshua begins by sharing his military background, painting a vivid picture of his life on a Native American reservation in Michigan. From an early age, a sense of family and purpose is ingrained in him. However, after serving in Iraq during the initial invasion in 2003, Joshua faced the harsh reality of adjusting to civilian life. “One thing they don’t tell you when you get home from combat is you can’t turn that off,” he says. This sentiment speaks to the ongoing struggle many veterans face upon returning home. Cortnie, with her background in organizational leadership, speaks about the crucial role families play in this transition. “Families often in their own way, face deployments as well,” she says, addressing the importance of including the entire family in their events and programs. This holistic approach sets VET Life apart from other organizations, recognizing that the challenges of reintegration extend beyond the individual veteran. The Parishes' dedication to their mission is evident in their innovative approaches, such as the creation of Vet Fest. This event not only provides resources but also creates a fun, inclusive environment for veterans and their families. Joshua proudly shares, “In 2023, the VA reaches out and asks if they could replicate our Vet Fest on a national model.”, recognizing the impact of their nonprofit’s work and their commitment to improving the quality of life for veterans. A big part of this embracing conversation is the systemic challenges veterans face in accessing their benefits. Joshua recounts his own struggle, explaining, “The military doesn’t prepare you for what civilian life really is like.” Cortnie’s gentle push for Joshua to utilize his benefits and further his education brings home the reality of family support in navigating these complexities. The Parishes are not just helping individual veterans; they are shaping a new model for veteran support. Their efforts lead to the digitization of military records in Michigan, streamlining access to crucial documents, along with Joshua’s creation of the Battle Buddy app, a one-stop shop for veteran resources, is another innovative step toward addressing these systemic issues. In the words of Joshua Parrish, “We want you to know that there are people out there that care about you and want to see you be the most successful version of yourself.”. Learn more at: #nonprofitleadership #veteranresources #vetlife