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Focus Fridays: Nonprofit Event Promotion, Grant Budget, & Content Capture [Video]

Focus Fridays: Nonprofit Event Promotion, Grant Budget, & Content Capture

Welcome to our FIRST focus Friday video, where we discuss some important topics that can help your organization’s digital presence thrive! In today’s fast-paced world, events are becoming more popular than ever. But how do we make sure we’re taking full advantage of them? We dive into the key factors to consider when planning and executing successful events – from communication and lead time to registration and overall execution.

We also touch upon a crucial aspect of any organization—grants. While it’s great to receive funding, having a plan in place for allocating a marketing budget is critical. After all, your growth and relationship-building with your community are directly tied to effective marketing strategies.

Speaking of relationships, let’s talk about content capture. People want to see people – not just numbers and reports. It’s essential to have a solid strategy for capturing your work so that others can honestly know your impact. Impact reports are excellent, but photos and videos add a new understanding and connection with your audience.

That’s why we encourage you to create a plan and strategy for documenting your impact—without it, all your hard work might go unnoticed. So join us as we share valuable insights on how you can up your game regarding events, grants, and content capture. Don’t miss out on this informative yet fun discussion!

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