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Full Free Store Corpus Christ [Video]

Founder and CEO Marilena Garza said the mobile store aims to remove barriers to resources for those in need.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Full Free Store Corpus Christi is taking their services on the road to battle our homelessness crisis.

The business is a local nonprofit that focuses on serving those who are in need by providing clothes, shoes, and hot meals to those facing extreme poverty.

The business operates in a picnic style manner, and they are also currently accepting clothing donations to distribute to the community.

Marilena Garza, the CEO and founder shared a few words about her business going mobile.

“We’re one of the very, very few organizations that is solely street outreach… which means that people who don’t even have houses… how can we ask them to drive somewhere far so we are trying to bring the barrier even lower and serve the community wherever they …

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