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Greenfield, Iowa boy gives toys away to those impacted by tornado [Video]

Evan Croxell heard about other kids losing their toys in the tornado, so he opened his toy chest in hopes of bringing smiles to others.

GREENFIELD, Iowa — 6-year-old Greenfield resident Evan Croxell is giving away his toys after his family’s home just missed the direct path of the deadly tornado.

“It was just nuts, like we were just down in the basement, and I was down there with the boys, and it got really quiet,” said Kaci Croxell, Evan’s mom. “You could just hear the wind and the hail, and then all of a sudden it just got real loud and real windy.” 

Evan heard about some of his friends who lost their toys and wanted to give away his. 

“Mom told me that kids, like one of my friends, didn’t have their house,” Evan said. 

It began as a donation of toys,but now has grown to something much more. Evan set up a toy stand outside his house with free toys …

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