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Houston storm aftermath: Volunteers help with debris cleanup [Video]

United Cajun Navy semi-trucks filled with supplies were driven to two Houston-area churches where volunteers delivered cleaning, hygiene items and more.

HOUSTON — More than a week after a powerful storm swept through Houston, the scars of downed trees are still visible across the city. 

Mayor John Whitmire and a collection of trade apprentices hit the ground while others provided additional support.

A chainsaw was the wake-up call people heard Saturday as crews got to work, chopping up a massive tree in a north Houston neighborhood. 

“It’s a matter of Houston doing what it does best everybody coming together,” Whitmire said.

NEW Houston, a nonprofit focused on supporting Gulf Coast families, joined forces with Mayor Whitmire and a host of skilled trade apprentices. 

“A lot of communities are seniors, working-class folks. They can’t afford to bring crews out. They really need help right now,” said Jay Malone with the Texas Gulf …

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