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HOW TO DONATE at The Midnight oil Book Store [Video]

HOW TO DONATE at The Midnight oil Book Store

We accept ONE box of books or less per week. If you want credit for your book donation, come in Mon-Thurs.

If you are wanting to bring in books and are not looking for credit, then you can bring a box or less any day of the week.

Things we’re looking for:

-Spanish literature including children’s books
-Modern Young Adult
-Modern Junior Novels
-Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
-Modern Contemporary Romance
-Non-Christian Spirituality/Philosophy
-Beat Generation and Post Beat Generation
-Large Print Books

Credit can be applied up to 50% of used books and 10% of new books. Credit can not be applied to other items.

Please reach out if donating books we’re looking for. If you are donating those we are open to taking in more than one box.

Thank you for watching!

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Places To Donate

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