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How You Should Be Using Social Media In 2024 | Nonprofit Marketing [Video]

How You Should Be Using Social Media In 2024 | Nonprofit Marketing

Mastering Organic Social Media for Nonprofits

Welcome back to the Nonprofit Academy channel! In this video, Sean shares insights on leveraging organic social media for nonprofits to grow your audience and boost donations.

0:00 Introduction
0:05 Topic Overview: Social Media for Nonprofits
0:24 Understanding Organic Social Media
0:40 The Voice of Each Platform
0:52 Choosing the Best Platforms
1:18 Deep Dive into Facebook
1:55 The Power of Facebook Groups
2:06 Instagram Strategies
2:34 Tiktok for Nonprofits
2:41 Networking on LinkedIn
2:49 Twitter Tips
3:10 The Importance of Diversifying Content
3:17 Conclusion

Key Points:

Each social media platform has its own strengths.
Diversify your presence across multiple platforms.
Facebook is great for community building, especially with groups.
Instagram excels with photos and videos, ideal for younger audiences.
Tiktok is best for reaching the youngest demographics.
LinkedIn is powerful for networking with other professionals.
Twitter is useful for quick updates and engagement.
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