Grant Writing for Non-Profits

How Your Nonprofit Can Find The #1 New Grant! [Video]

You won’t believe the amount of money available in this one type of grant. I just secured one of these grants – at $100,000! But they are hard to find, so watch this video to learn how to apply! ►Chapters 00:00 $52B in grants! 00:40 Step 1 01:22 Step 2 01:56 Step 3 02:31 Step 4 03:31 Step 5 ►Links (NO paid promotions. NO affiliations): $52B awarded in DAF grants in 2022: nptrust dot org/what-is-a-donor-advised-fund Nearly 2 million DAFs: nptrust dot org/reports/daf-report Guidestar, guidestar dot org/UpdateNonprofitProfile Charity Navigator, charitynavigator dot org ►Community Foundation locators (NO paid promotions. NO affiliations): US, Australia: Canada: https://communityfoundations dot ca/find-a-community-foundation New Zealand: https://communityfoundations dot United Kingdom: https://www.ukcommunityfoundations dot org ►Images: Video images not taken/created by Grant Chatter come from websites discussed in the video, and from a subscription to ►Subscribe to Grant Chatter, to learn how to find grants, write grants, …

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