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Idaho State Board of Education sets new minimum school days as more districts move to 4-day weeks [Video]

ISBE voted Wednesday to set the minimum instructional days to 152. Currently, four-day schools average 146 instructional days.

BOISE, Idaho — As more school districts in Idaho are moving to 4-day school weeks, the Idaho State Board of Education reviewed and changed its minimum instructional school days.

According to an ISBE news release, on Wednesday, it held a vote at its board meeting at Idaho State University and set the minimum instructional day requirement to 152. ISBE states recently passed state laws require school districts to reach or be above the minimum days set by the board to be eligible for state funding.

The agenda minutes from the meeting show out of 179 local school agencies, 94 have moved to 4-day school weeks, and they average 146 instructional school years per year. Comparatively, 5-day school weeks averaged 172 instructional days.

The newly recommended days were developed by Debbie Critchfield, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and a team of education leaders, according to the news …

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