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Labour’s pathetic attempt to fundraise off of Diane Abbott’s abuse [Video]

Labour’s pathetic attempt to fundraise off of Diane Abbott’s abuse

Starmer’s lies over Diane Abbott’s investigation & now blocking her from standing have exposed rotten racist double standards.
Right, so what damage will Keir Starmer have done for effectively throwing Diane Abbott out of parliament then? Well, the polls are showing Labour flying high still aren’t they? Still too early to reflect fallout from his abuse of Abbott, those big 20+ leads still showing Labour on course for a landslide, but based on what in and of themselves and actually some of the latest polls are showing a narrowing in Labour’s lead and I should think so too as more and more, Starmer’s Labour is being shown, being exposed to be a racist endeavour, now acting desperately to try and secure it’s Muslim vote, the results of recent by-elections and local elections have not demonstrated Labour really has a huge poll lead and this latest business involving Diane Abbott, a leading black female MP, the very first this country has ever had, compared to the treatment other Labour MPs, white MPs have got, for doing or saying far worse than Abbott was accused of, getting away with no repercussions whatsoever and nothing will underline that more, if Abbott’s seat goes to a white man next.
Right, so Labour’s racism is so bad now, has been for some time, so much so that it is referred as Labour’s Hierarchy of Racism, the only party that claims to be combatting it, by prioritising one form of it over another and slowly but surely a tightening in the polls is appearing in places, not everywhere, those poll leads stubbornly giving Labour a massive lead, electoral calculators predicting landslides are starting to look more and more fanciful and although you can be lulled into a bit of a false sense of that via social media, risk being caught in a bubble of like minded people if you aren’t careful, with mainstream media carrying some pretty damaging stories already for Starmer & Co, finally getting exposed to more people for the liar and authoritarian that he is and of course some events that have happened quite recently won’t yet be reflected in voting intention. So as much as YouGov might be giving Labour a 27 point lead, eliciting much joy from the Carol Vorderman’s of this country, others, for example JL Partners, the previous latest poll prior to YouGov, gives Labour just a 12 point lead. Both would give them majorities. Polls are conducted amongst select people who join such bodies and are based on questions each devise and on their own are largely meaningless, trends will be interesting to observe though and I fully expect them to tighten further as the election campaign wears on.
The Tories in my view deserve extinction, but the reality is they’ll likely only drop so far and Labour’s polling isn’t necessarily reflecting the problems they are clearly having that are being rapidly exposed.
Israel and Gaza continues to be an issue, but for how many will it end up being an election issue and are any of these polls factoring this in? Starmer continues to deny he ever said Israel had the right to commit war crimes, but this video clip that shows him saying it, will not go away:

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