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Maine businesses have a new way to secure financing, Augusta, ME [Video]

The Maine Funding Network is an online portal that connects businesses with public and nonprofit funding providers.

AUGUSTA, Maine — If you recently applied to college or helped someone apply, you’re probably familiar with what’s called the common application. The single application can be filled out once and then sent out to different schools, saving prospective students time. 

The Maine Funding Network uses a similar approach. The goal of the online portal is to easily connect businesses to providers who can help them secure funding to scale up, get off the ground, or simply provide alternative financing.

Businesses fill out basic information and can get “matched” with a lending agency based on their needs. If a business has more than one match, they just fill out one common application, which eliminates the need to submit multiple forms and applications. 

“Essentially, what we’re trying to do is create the front door and do some of …

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