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Maine’s culture, wildlife celebrated rise of Bangor’s public art [Video]

Organizations like Bangor Beautiful are working to “beautify” the Queen City as well as educate people about the state’s culture and wildlife.

BANGOR, Maine — While walking through downtown Bangor, you may notice two new murals on Hammond Street that were recently installed by nonprofit Bangor Beautiful.

“Our whole mission is to create and cultivate projects that beautify Bangor,” Bangor Beautiful board member Heather Davis said.

They’re projects that not only beautify the city, but also represent the deep culture and extensive wildlife in Maine: the ground mural depicting a flowing river from Mt. Katahdin that was designed by members of the Wabanaki Nations or the honeybee-themed art on 47 Park St.

“We are really passionate about giving a voice and honoring the Wabanaki people here and Indigenous tribes, as well as speaking to the importance of preserving natural resources as well as restoring native species,” Davis said.

Bangor Beautiful’s most recent …

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