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Make Your Nonprofit Last: Succession Planning for Nonprofits [Video]

Make Your Nonprofit Last: Succession Planning for Nonprofits

Whether you are a nonprofit founder, or a nonprofit board member or other leader, it’s important to know what to do in the event your organization’s leaders can no longer serve in their roles anymore. #Nonprofits #NonprofitCEO #successionplanning

I started a nonprofit years ago, and this year, I resigned from my position as Executive Director. I learned so much about how to make this transition strategically and am sharing it in this video!

Here’s how to create a basic succession plan.

If you are starting or growing a nonprofit, or planning your exit from a nonprofit, I hope this helps!


Starting A Nonprofit: What does an Executive Director DO, exactly?

Starting A Nonprofit: Your First 3 Years (What to Do / Expect!)

I quit my job at the Nonprofit I started. How I knew it was time.


00:00 Welcome
01:05 Purpose of Succession Planning
02:01 Part 1 – Annual Maintenance
06:01 Part 2 – Succession Planning
16:56 Next Steps


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