Fundraising Ideas for Schools

More EXCITING 2024 Children’s Books [Video]

More EXCITING 2024 Children’s Books

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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Embrace Tech for PTO PTA Fundraising for Schools [Video]

Better fundraisers mean more profit and income for your PTO and PTA. Fundraising Chairs can use these strategies to choose a better money raising campaign to meet and exceed goals!Free training for all PTO / PTA volunteers: Resources for PTO / PTA Volunteers and Leaders:For all PTO PTAs: Presidents: and Treasurers: and Fundraising Chairs: Membership / Parent Involvement Chairs: Room Parents: Secretaries: flyers, Staff and Teacher Appreciation: sure to subscribe for more awesomeness! my FREE Super Star Leaders Facebook group for all PTA/PTO volunteers at me!https://ptoanswers.com