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Nelson celebrates the cancellation of Pipeline [Video]

Friends of Nelson celebration to commemorate the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on June 15.

Nonprofit organization Friends of Nelson held a celebration to commemorate the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and for a book release of “Gaslight” by Johnathan Mingle who recorded the pipeline fight in the book.

In 2014, the 600-mile pipeline was proposed, which would have run from Harrison County, West Virginia, through Virginia, crossing into Nelson County, which lead to massive opposition. Several people who showed up for the well-attended event at Blue Mountain Barrel House on June 15 wearing anti-pipeline shirts.

Joyce Burton, a member of Friends of Nelson, who helped spearhead the halting of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, is currently working with landowners and politicians to get Dominion Energy to release easements which are agreements between the landowners and the company that allowed for construction of the pipeline.

Releasing these easements means …

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