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New Student Housing at Alpena Community College to Help Alleviate Strain on Current Housing Situation WBKB 11 [Video]

The housing market in Alpena is so tight that new college housing at Alpena Community College will alleviate some of the strain on the community. “ACC has student housing and we’ve had it for many years. It’s been full to capacity. Demand exceeds the supply of housing we have, which we found limits enrollment. Our plan is to increase student housing on campus by 50 percent or 64 beds we have and add another 32, which would give us 96 beds,” Alpena Community College President Dr. Donald MacMaster said.

These apartments would be very similar to the apartments already at ACC. “Whether it’s the last piece of funding, which is $2 million, not a small chunk. The cost estimate right now we have that we think is solid is $4.7 million. The proposal emphasizes the need for general housing in Alpena and the strain it could reduce for the whole …

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