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Prioritizing Major Gift Fundraising: Strategies for Development Directors [Video]

Prioritizing Major Gift Fundraising: Strategies for Development Directors

In this episode of “All About Capital Campaigns,” Amy Eisenstein and Andrea Kihlstedt dive into the essentials of prioritizing major gift fundraising. If you are a development director feeling overwhelmed by urgent tasks, this episode is for you. .

Amy and Andrea discuss how to shift your focus to the important work of cultivating and soliciting major gifts, which are crucial for successful fundraising and capital campaigns.

Key Highlights:

• The importance of major gift fundraising in moving the needle for nonprofit organizations.

• Practical strategies for freeing up time in your schedule to focus on major donors.

• The three key activities for engaging major donors: cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.

• How to identify and prioritize potential major donors.

• Tips for delegating tasks and eliminating less productive fundraising activities.

• Real-life examples and actionable advice on building strong donor relationships.

• The significance of involving your board and leveraging their support for major gift fundraising.

This episode is packed with valuable insights for nonprofit leaders, executive directors, and development directors who are looking to enhance their fundraising efforts. Amy and Andrea offer clear and practical advice on how to manage your time better and focus on activities that will significantly boost your fundraising outcomes. Whether you’re in the middle of a capital campaign or planning for one, these strategies will help you cultivate major donors effectively and ensure your organization’s long-term success.

Tune in to learn how to balance your urgent tasks with the crucial work of engaging major donors, and discover the steps you can take to double your fundraising revenue by prioritizing the right activities.

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