How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

Production of world’s first solar car begins [Video]

The car, which features curved solar panels across the hood and roof, is able to drive two months without charging in Amsterdam during summer, and as many as seven months in Portugal, according to Hoefsloot.

Sun-derived power will add as much as 70 km (43 miles) of driving range each day.

Cars powered by the sun have struggled to make it beyond the prototype stage because of the large area solar panels require.

German startup Sono Group is planning to offer its first solar car, the boxy Sion hatchback, for $26,000 before taxes, but has not yet announced production.

Fundraising in the early days for Lightyear was a challenge as investors were reluctant to put their money into a new concept, Hoefsloot said.

“Right now, we are at a much more mature” stage, he said, adding that the majority of investment came from the Netherlands.

Lightyear secured $84 million from …

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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

Create a SMART 2023 Game Plan for Your Nonprofit | The Nonprofit Podcast Ep [Video]

Let mission-driven SMART goals drive your nonprofit organization's success in 2023! Goal-setting is a necessary, but potentially painful, process to bring your strategic planning to life, so why not make it SMART and stress-free? Join us for mission-moving tactics that will help you structure your goal-setting and make your strategic plan meaningful, implementable, and measurable! From practical tips on determining clear, defined, and actionable goals, to the tactics and timeline to implement them, Cara and Jena unpack the value of the SMART goals framework. Plus offer their personal favorites to take the pressure out of planning with advice on the right tools to use to manage everyday tasks that keep your mission on track, and you and your team stress-free. Reaching your fundraising goals is hard work, but armed with a SMART approach and the right tools, you can do it! We have two excellent guides to assist you in implementing some of today’s tips on our Nonprofit Blog, you can find them here: 💥The Ultimate Guide on Creating a Strategic Fundraising Plan for Nonprofits: 💥How to Set and Meet Fundraising Goals the Smart Way (+13 Tips): Or find out more at: 💥💥 DO YOU have a question? The Nonprofit Podcast is here to answer your questions! Our weekly Ask-Me-Anything feature is one click away, simply open the form, add your name and ask us! ANYTHING!! ➡️ The Nonprofit Podcast is available every Thursday on all your favorite podcast platforms, so follow, rate, and download so you never miss an episode: 🎙️ Apple Podcasts: 🎙️ Spotify: 🎙️ Buzzsprout: 🎙️ Amazon Music: