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Red Cross needs volunteers amidst Beryl [Video]

The American Red Cross deployed 400 volunteers to areas that have been impacted by Beryl. According to the Permian Basin Chapter, it is still accepting volunteers.

ODESSA, Texas — As of July 8, the American Red Cross has deployed 400 trained volunteers to areas that have been impacted by Beryl. These volunteers are spending two weeks in areas such as McAllen, San Antonio, Austin or Houston, according to Tracy Austin, the Executive Director of the American Red Cross Permian Basin Chapter

‘We are still accepting volunteers,” said Austin. “They would go to the area and be trained on how to work in a shelter and then they would be assigned to a shelter where they would be expected to stay for two weeks.”

According to Austin, the organization would pay for costs such as travel, room and board. Currently, the Permian Basin has had one of their volunteers deployed towards these efforts. 

Volunteers could help fulfill roles such as distributing food to neighborhoods that have …

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