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San Diego nonprofit helps pay for assisted living [Video]

Just since their start in 2022, SHORE has helped 50 families across the nation, by giving out $60,000 in grant money.

SAN DIEGO — As people continue to live longer, the need for assisted living is inevitable — but having quality care is expensive. That’s where the nonprofit SHORE steps in to help. 

“I’m going to be 99 on September 11th,” Melvin Schlamm said. He is a father of three and was married to his wife Renee for 76 years. “We had a beautiful life,” he added.

He owned a factory in Puerto Rico and is a decorated World War II Veteran.

“I was a forward artillery with the Navy,” he said.

“Melvin is the last San Diegan to land on the beaches of Normandy, which is amazing — he is very proud of his military career,” Catt Babinski said, who works at Torrey Pines Bayshire.

Melvin Schlamm is now living out his days there.

“They treat me nicely, …

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