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Schools fear job cuts as emergency pandemic funding runs out | KLRT [Video]

(The Hill) — The education industry is bracing for potential job cuts and reduced raises as a major batch of coronavirus pandemic funding is set to dry up.  

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grants, which will end in September, have been used to assist students with the mental health and test score problems that came with COVID-19, including adding positions from counselors to reading specialists.  

Now, those jobs may be the first to go as federal funding runs out

“[T]he loss of federal ESSER funding will mean that we cannot bring back the additional acceleration teachers, on-site tutors and other supports such as literacy and math programs that have been critical to the growth we’ve achieved thus far,” said Patricia Brantley, CEO of Friendship Public Charter Schools in Washington, D.C.  

Data by the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University showed 40 to 50 percent of ESSER funds were spent on labor costs, including …

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