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Second Harvest Food Bank serving more people than ever [Video]

The food bank gave away 26 million pounds of food over the last year.

MARYVILLE, Tenn. — In 2023, Second Harvest Food Bank gave away 26 million pounds of food, which is the most in the history of the East Tennessee nonprofit.

Executive Director Elaine Streno said she doesn’t see the need to stop any time soon as the price of everything, including food, continues to go up.

“This year we distributed more food than we ever had before, 26 million pounds, which we knew were going that way because the demand has risen by 20%,” Streno said.

Second Harvest isn’t a food pantry, instead, it’s a central location that puts together food to be distributed to more than 600 partners in 18 counties in East Tennessee. 

On average, it serves more than 230,000 people through its partners who operate food pantries at places like schools and churches. But that hasn’t stopped people from coming to the nonprofit looking …

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