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Should You Supplement with Vitamin K2? [Video]

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Date: October 7th, 2022 2:00 pm EDT

Duration: 1 hour

Last Day to Register: October 5th, 2022

Vitamin K supplements are touted for bone, brain, and heart health, but have they been shown to help? To complicate matters, there are multiple types: Vitamin K1 is concentrated in greens, and a type of vitamin K2 is found in animal products. Do we need both? Do we have to rely on a healthy microbiome for conversion from one to the other? Do we have to eat a slimy, fermented food called natto? Join me for a 60-minute live webinar on October 7 at 2pm ET to learn everything you ever wanted to know about vitamin K.

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How Often to Bathe Your Pets - How Often to Bathe Your Dog and When to Bathe a Cat [Video]

Since bathing your pets isn't always easy or fun for you or your pet, you might wonder what's actually necessary when it comes to how often to bathe your pets. Since dogs and cats generally groom themselves, it's uncommon to have to bathe your dog more than once a month, and cats should not be bathed at all, with a few exceptions. In this video, we'll go over specifics on how often to bathe a dog, and when to bathe a cat. Thanks for watching! Debra To read the article discussed in the video, click here: to Bathe Your Dog: to Take Care of a Dog: to Take Care of a Cat: Article: Galaxy’s Article: Galaxy’s Video: to Get Rid of Fleas: II: Shampoos: make a donation to support, click here: You Can Support To support this channel on Patreon click here: VISIT MY WEBSITE: VISIT ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: sponsorship inquiries, email: Debra@peoplelovinganimals.comDisclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, a professional dog or cat trainer, or a pet care professional. The information provided is based on my personal research and experience. I receive affiliate commissions for some of the products and services described in my videos. As an Amazon associate, I earn for qualifying purchases.