How to Raise Funds for Non-profit Places To Donate

SPCA Springs Get Hundreds of Warm Beds and Blankets for Winter [Video]

A simple plea for help through the winter was answered with kilograms of food, towers of blankets and all the beds a dog could dream of!

Springs, South Africa (11 June 2024)—The Springs SPCA sent out its annual winter plea, and the Moonsamys made sure to answer—and answer well! Parma Moonsamy and his daughter Kayurri have blown the Springs SPCA away with their generosity, sending hundreds of winter beds, blankets, and food to help get through the cold season.

The SPCA took to their Facebook page to share thanks to the Moonsamys for their generous donation. Hundreds of supporters joined the conversation, thanking the family for giving so much to an organisation that truly deserves it!

Parma shared that Kayurri was very concerned about animals being cold, which prompted him to donate beds, blankets, and food.

Now, the SPCA is equipped to face whatever this chilly season has in store. The hope is that the …

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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

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