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Special Olympics ‘Flame of Hope’ [Video]

Despite the windy conditions, the “Flame of Hope” burned brightly in Twin Falls Thursday morning.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run for the 2024 Special Olympics got underway at City Park and ended at the Downtown Commons with celebration and excitement.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run proceeds down Main Avenue on Thursday in Twin Falls.

The lighted torch carried through city streets, Josh Hayes of the Twin Falls Police Department explained, is called the Flame of Hope, symbolizing courage and celebration of diversity — “it’s something that symbolizes that they can be part of us,” he said.

Law enforcement officers are honorably described as “Guardians of the Flame.”

The Idaho State Summer Games take place June 7-8 in Caldwell, and to raise awareness and fundraising, similar torch runs are taking place around the state. A run took place Wednesday in Blaine County.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics …

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How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

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