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Stop infighting over university union tactics, Grady tells UCU [Video]

The University and College Union’s general secretary has urged members to “stop fighting amongst ourselves over tactics”, while pledging to seek an end to an industrial dispute with the organisation’s own staff.

In her opening address to the UCU congress, which was shared online ahead of the start of the event on 29 May, Jo Grady also promised to hold an incoming Labour government’s “feet to the fire” over the need to reform higher education funding.

The conference, being held in Bournemouth, is the first to be held after Dr Grady was re-elected as leader of the UK’s main higher education union in March, after narrowly defeating a challenge from Ewan McGaughey, a professor at King’s College London. And it comes as the union’s long-running dispute with employers over salaries and working conditions stands at a crossroads, with long-running walkouts having failed to secure a better pay offer and industrial action having been brought to a close by the

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