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Surge in Point-of-Sale Donations & Melinda Gates’ $1 Billion Commitment to Women’s Rights [Video]

Surge in Point-of-Sale Donations & Melinda Gates’ $1 Billion Commitment to Women’s Rights
Main Topics and Guests:
Hosts George Weiner, Chief Whaler at Whole Whale, and Nick Azoulay, Digital Strategist at Whole Whale.
Featured discussions on the rise of point-of-sale (POS) donations and Melinda French Gates’ significant philanthropic commitment.

How to opt-out of Slack AI Global Data
Contact slack to opt out. If you want to exclude your Customer Data from Slack global models, you can opt out. To opt out, please have your org, workspace owners or primary owner contact our Customer Experience team at with your workspace/org URL and the subject line ‘Slack global model opt-out request’. We will process your request and respond once the opt-out has been completed.

Key Insights:

Point-of-Sale Donations:

POS donations have seen a substantial increase, raising $749 million in 2022 — a 24% rise from 2020.
53% of Americans give impulsively at checkouts, with demographics like women, Black respondents, and middle-class individuals under 50 being the most likely to donate.
Successful strategies include rounding up transactions, as seen with Taco Bell and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
The trend indicates that asking at the point of transaction, leveraging social pressure, and the perceived minimal impact of small donations are effective in boosting contributions.
Melinda French Gates’ Philanthropy:

Melinda French Gates has committed $1 billion over the next two years to support women’s rights and health through her organization, Pivotal Ventures.
This move follows her departure from the Gates Foundation and mirrors the philanthropic approaches of other high-profile donors like Mackenzie Scott.
The focus will be on addressing maternal health and reproductive rights, with an emphasis on impactful, large-scale giving.
Additional Topics:

Slack’s AI Policy Concerns:

Slack users discovered that their messages might be used for AI training, sparking privacy concerns.
Slack later clarified that data would only be used for categorization and recommendations, not for training large language models (LLMs).
Users can opt out by emailing Slack, but the incident highlights the need for clear communication and trust in data handling policies.
Feel-Good Story:

A nonprofit, Forever Young Veterans, is sponsoring a WWII veteran’s trip to Normandy Beach for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.
The story underscores the importance of honoring veterans and preserving historical memory.

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Fundraising for Non-profits

How to Navigate the Deepfake Storm: Strategies for Nonprofits to Protect Integrity [Video]

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Fundraising for Non-profits

Book Jono Makai - Comedian + MC + QuizGod [Video]

Easily book Jono Makai - Comedian + MC + QuizGod for your event. Witty & Biting GLAM Adelaide Comedy gold! Kids in AdelaideHello, I'm Jono. veteran of sell-out Adelaide Fringe comedy shows, Tinder's Least Wanted, Every Now & Then I Fall Apart, Mocking the Suburbs and many others.I'm as Adelaide as Anne Wills necking a carton of Farmer's Union Iced Coffee. As well as being a headlining stand-up comedian, I run comedy shows under the business Funny Adelaide, so I can book and run a whole comedy show for you including equipment and social media marketing.But wait, there's more. I run Funny Quiz - serious trivia, hosted by comedians. I can run a whole fundraising quiz night to make your club or organisation some serious $$..

Fundraising for Non-profits

Piano Matt - 1000 Lights Fundraising Reel - Uprawr Mental Health Foundation [Video]

We all should care if one more light goes out, even in the sky of a million stars.On Sunday 18th August, Piano Matt be joining a band of 1000 musicians at the Utilita Arena (NIA), where we will perform two classic Linkin Park Songs - In The End and Numb. The aim being to bring a massive number of people together to support and raise money for the amazing UPRAWR Mental Health Foundation.Please support me via my Just Giving Page: UPRAWR Mental Health Foundation offers free mental health support and counselling to people between the ages of 18 and 35 who relate to the rock and alternative music scene. 100% of everything raised and donated will be used to help provide free mental health counselling and services.Whilst my normal piano playing gigs at weddings and concerts might seem a world away from the alternative music scene, music is the energy that can unite us all and something that we all have in common.The thousand-strong band will be joined by well known musicians from Bullet For My Valentine and Funeral For A Friend amongst many others. There will be musicians playing keyboards, guitars, basses, and drums, as well as a strong ensemble of singerscheck out for more info on the event.All donations go to UPRAWR Mental Health Foundation Registered Charity No 1178183