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Stomach Cancer Awareness Highlight Video

The stomach cancer community means the world to us and we hope our ongoing 30 stories in 30 days have brought you hope, inspiration, and support. 💜Here is a fun behind the scenes video when we all got together earlier this summer to create these stories and make more memories. Meet – Suzie, Irasema, June, Jason, Helen, and Camila. While we all have this horrible cancer in common, we were still able to have fun in the making of the videos. The kids got to play while the parents were being interviewed. All the kids witnessed someone they love deal with cancer so it was something they had in common.

Fundraising for Non-profits

Cycling 100KM Everyday Outside in July to Raise Money for MacMillan Cancer Support // Day 4 [Video]

In July I will be cycling at least 100km everyday to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support brother’s story in his own words:’Suzanne was first diagnosed with tumour in 2000 had an operation and it stayed away for about a year then came back again another operation then about 2 years later came back again for the 3rd time and this time there was nothing they could do that’s when macmillan got involved at first they said Suzanne only had weeks to live so they were round the house every day helping with Suzanne keeping an eye on her when I had to go out pick up luke from school shopping and stuff. Suzanne proved them wrong and lived for another year and we stopped them coming to just once a week Suzanne didn’t like them being round she wanted independence so I looked after her myself before she became too poorly again which happened quickly in the end, they were here when she passed away at home and I kept seeing them for a few months afterwards for support they were great they even got us a dryer to dry clothes incase she fell over the clothes horse they were always there to talk to if you needed them, I was 30 when Suzanne first got poorly Suzanne would have been 28 luke 5, she passed away at 33 I was 35 and luke 9.’Cycling, Dogs, FamilyFollow me Cycling onStrava: Corinne ‘The Mountain Goat’ Black[BCC/VC167]Zwift: C orinne Black[BlaydonCC][AsC]Instagram: