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Chiefs to honor late cheerleader Krystal Anderson during season [Video]

The Chiefs are set to honor one of their cheerleaders, Krystal Anderson, who tragically died in March due to sepsis following complications during childbirth. The Anderson home is filled with memories of Krystal, a software engineer who cheered 100 games on the field. She lived for cheerleading and was known for encouraging others wherever she went. Clayton and Krystal Anderson met in 2016. Dancing was her minor in college, and the Chiefs eventually became her extended family. “She liked to laugh, as you can tell,” Clayton said. “She was going to have fun with whatever we’re doing. Us just doing Christmas photos one year.”In March, the Andersons suffered a double tragedy when they lost their baby, and Krystal became septic.Despite fighting through three surgeries, Krystal died.The 2024 Chiefs cheer squad plans to honor her memory by wearing her initials in red and white rhinestones on their right arm cuff. The team will also put the same logo on the padding near the 10-yard line of the Chiefs’ sideline.”I think the Chiefs are honoring her because she is the epitome of a cheerleader, not just for the Chiefs, but in life,” Clayton Anderson said. “It’s perfect. It’s everything she was about spreading joy sparkling and continue to good and put positivity into the community.”In her honor, the Hunt Family Foundation has pledged to donate to a cause that Krystal was passionate about.